•       Rachel is the new language assistant at school. She is staying in Reims for 8 months to improve her French. She is twenty years old; she was born on July 16th in London. She comes from St Albans, north of London where she lives in a detached house. St Albans is a green city because there are many Tudor buildings, there is a cathedral too and a few big shops. Her full name is Rachel M.... and her nickname is ‘Racheybum’. 

                First, she has got one brother and one sister who are both older than her. Her mother is a teacher and her father is an electrician. Her uncle lives in Créteil. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. She studies English and French at Southampton University and in the future, she wants to become a teacher.  Moreover, she has got one dog, a chocolate Labrador, called Bruno and she has got a few friends; one of them is called Ben and another one lives in Lyon. 

                Then, she has already been abroad, several times. She went to Spain three years in a row, in 2005, 2006 and 2007. She also went to Poland ten years ago, she went to Slovenia and Croatia a long time ago, to Austria last summer and Tenerife but apart from that she has never done anything unusual in her life. Next holidays, she is going to Luxembourg and Belgium. 

                As far as sport is concerned she used to do field Hockey when she was young and now she jogs. In her free time she also loves listening to Pop music but she hates metal. Her favourite films are Notting Hill, Forest Gump and “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”. As to food she doesn’t know what to choose between chocolate and cheese because she loves both!

    As far as hobbies are concerned, she enjoys reading, shopping and watching films.  Her favourite singer is Adele and she likes One Direction.  Justin Bieber is nice but too young for her. She likes French food and France:  she thinks French people are very nice, helpful and friendly.

                Finally, this is our new assistant, she looks nice! 

    Written by pupils from 3CF

    Completed by pupils from 3CE

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