•  First, her name is Rachel. She was born ON July, 16th 1992 so ( =donc) she is 20 years old. She liveS near London. Now, she liveS at Lycée Clémenceau in Rheims. She has got one older brother, one older sister and a dog : it's a chocolate Labrador.

    Then, she loveS Adele, she likeS Torres, Tom Hanks and Bradley Wiggins. She is fond of purple. She enjoyS giraffes. She is crazy about French people. She is interested in Tate Modern museum.

    After that, she learns French at university. Later, she wants to be a teacher. She went to Belgium, Austria and Spain.

    Finally, at Christmas, she loves eating turkey, stuffing, gravy and roast potatoes.

    Text written by pupils from 4D

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    POEM N°1

    My ideal world is a world where I could fly,

    A world where people that I love never die.


    A place where there is no winter.

    A place which could welcome all the lovers.


    Birds whose songs are pleasant and joyful.

    Birds which are innocent and colourful.


    Full of people who don’t care about money.

    People who are young, free and happy.


    POEM N°2

    My ideal world is a world that is soothing, where birds sing wonderful melodies.

    Somewhere I can hear the lapping of waves and the cries of gulls.


    A place which is crossed by a light navy breeze and which comes with the horns of boats.

    Somewhere I can see the mainsails which go to sea.


    A world that doesn’t judge by appearances.

    A world that is populated of people whose harmony is good.


    A place where mocking, persecutions, racism and violence don’t exist.

    A world whose safety is the main concern, somewhere everybody could be safe.

    I want a better world ; I want people who are afraid of the world to live without fears.


    POEM N°3

    My ideal world is a world where there isn’t any violence.

    A world  where racism has no existence.


    A place where people are happy.

    A place which is lovely.


    Cities whose buildings have no degradation.

    Cities whose environment has no pollution.


    Somewhere that makes everyone rich.

    Somewhere all objectives are easy to reach.


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