• A mail from India

    Hello !

    I’ve been in India for a few days and I must tell you what I have learnt about this country.

    First I met a young man : he is an Untouchable. He told me that he was very poor and humiliated every day. He also told me that Brahma is the Hindu God who created the system of 4 different castes in the Indian society. However, he dididn’t create the outcaste called the Untouchables, aka Dalits.

    Then, I learnt that this outcaste is badly-dressed, stays in dirty streets and run-down districts whereas higher castes Hindus live in rich neighbourhoods. It’s forbidden by tradition for Untouchables to have any contact with higher castes, that’s why they are separated and excluded. So Dalits suffer from this unfair fate.

    Finally, he told me that there are millions of Dalits in the same country and I was shocked because, although the caste system has been illegal for 50 years, the Untouchables are still rejected by Hindus.

    See you soon for more pieces of information about the Indian society.


    C.D. (3èCE)


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