• A sliding sport

    A sliding sport

    I am going to talk about my favourite sport which is skiing because, during winter break, a lot of people will go to the mountains.

    Origins of skiing

    4000 (before J.C) : first wood skis used by humans to move on snow and ice in the Nordic countries.

    A sliding sport

    1539 : some wars were carried out by Finnish soldiers equipped with ski.

    1867 : first skiing competition in the region of Telemark, in Norway.

    1888 : it’s one of the famous date in the history of skiing : Nansen crossed the Greenland on skis. This exploit aroused curiosity around the world about this sport.

    1930 : explosion of activity of skiing for tourists.

    1933 : first skiing school in France and creation of the “Féderation Française du ski”.

    1934 : first cable car created specifically for skiers.

    Since 1935 : the competitions became numerous.

    At the end of XXth century : France has 30% of ski areas in the world and the largest ski lift equipment.

    The ski today in the world

    First, today, there are about 8 million skiers per season in France.

    A sliding sport
    Then, there are different types of skis :
    •    The telemark (it is the ancestor of ski. The heels aren’t attached to the ski).
    •    The monoski (both feet are on the same ski).
    •    The snowblades (they’re small skis).
    •    The parabolic ski (now it is the most commonly used ski) .

    After that, skiing is a competitive sport because every year, there are a lot of races (for example slaloms, super giants, ...)

    Some famous skiers

    Finally, you certainly know some champions like the French Jean-Claude Killy, Jean-Baptiste Grange, Luc Alphand, the American Bode Miller, the Italian Alberto Tomba or also the German Fritz Dopfer.

    A sliding sport

    As the ski is a mixed sport, there are also women who are champions like the Austrian Kathrin Zettel and the French Marion Rolland.

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    Paulettelovesenglish Paulettelovesenglish profile
    Monday 23rd January 2012 at 09:27

    @Sophie : How well can you ski?

    Sophiie D.
    Tuesday 7th February 2012 at 08:31

    I ski very well because I go to the Alpes every winter

    Wednesday 8th February 2012 at 14:05

    Skiing is so cool !!
    What is your level ?

    Wednesday 8th February 2012 at 15:39

    You're very lucky ! 

    lisa f
    Wednesday 8th February 2012 at 16:23

    Where do you ski in the Alpes?

    Amy =)
    Monday 13rd February 2012 at 20:44

    Sophie I am very jealous that you go skiing every year! I have only been lucky enough to go six times. I think the most beautiful ski resort I have ever been to is Val d’Isère, but the best snow has always been in Austria! Which resorts have you visited?

    Tuesday 14th February 2012 at 08:37

    @Lisa : I go to Notre Dame de Bellecombe !

    Friday 17th February 2012 at 15:26

    I love skiing too! The winter holiday is the only holiday I really look forward to because I can't wait to be on the slopes and spend time having fun with my friends! Have you ever tried the half-pipe Sophie? It's so thrilling!

    And lately, I've discovered another great winter sport : biathlon. It combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. It's sportier than downslope skiing and more exhausting too. It is also very difficult to keep your arm steady before shooting when you've just skied 4 or 5 miles and you're out of breath. It's a great activity, especially for people who like running!

    Fancy trying?

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