Identité Secrète (Abduction)

    I have chosen this movie because I love it. This is a movie with lots of action so the public don't get bored. In addition, the main actor Taylor is handsome. This movie tells the sad story of a child who discovers his true story, this film is touching.

    Nathan Harper, a teen, does a lot of nightmares. One day, while preparing an essay on the disappearance of children with his classmate Karen, he notices on a specific site, a photo of a child, Steven Price, who looks like him. Searching into the home of his parents, he discovers that he is Steven and his parents are not his own. Upset, Nathan gets in touch with the website owner, unaware that he is a Russian agent. The young man becomes the target of the killers who murdered his adoptive parents. Gradually he discovers that his mother, Lorna Price, is dead, murdered in a hotel room. He understands that repetitive nightmares are linked with the death of his mother, because he was present at that time. He also learns that his father is a CIA agent and that he was put into a foster family to be protected, with adoptive parents and a psychologist who are in charge of his survival. He then obtains a mobile phone (from Martin, his father) including a list of 25 people who sold confidential information and state secrets. Martin had stolen the list from Mr Kozlow (a bad man), and he wants to capture Nathan to have this list back and at the same time to kill Martin.

    Cécile, 3F

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    Paulettelovesenglish Paulettelovesenglish profile
    Monday 4th March 2013 at 17:34

    How often have you watched it?

    Cécile :P
    Tuesday 19th March 2013 at 14:50

    I watched this movie three times .

    Lucie :)
    Thursday 21st March 2013 at 15:19

    Do you like Lilly Collins?

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