By Selma 3B

    It’s a video that was made by Joe to tell us his story about bullying and it happens in England. He started at school when he stayed with the pupils of his class. They were jealous of him so they called him names such as freak. A few days after he received messages on his laptop, he was shoved and excluded by everyone. He was very upset, everyone laughed at him and it ruined his life.

    Finally his mother saw the headmistress and the police came to school then everyone treated him the way they’d like to be treated and he felt far better.

    And you? What do you think about bullying? Have you ever been bullied?

    If yes, you should report it and don’t keep it to yourself. Feel strong and straighten up in front of them.


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    Monday 27th May 2013 at 09:26

    We disagree with the word "shoved" because he wasn't pushed.

    We think that bullying is bad but it can happen to anyone.

    A few pupils in our class have already been bullied and it shouldn't be accepted.

    And you? Have you ever been bullied? What happened to you? When?

    Have a good day!

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