By Amélie and Léa 3eD

    We saw a video about a boy named Joe. He was in his room and explained what happened to him. He hadn’t got loads of friends at school because he wasn’t the popular type of guy. Because of  a joke he was excluded and people just wouldn’t talk to him. Then there was this girl with who he wanted to become friend with but she didn’t and she started laughing at him. Next he received nasty messages on his phone and that hurt him deeply and she made fun of him in front of the whole school and everybody ended up doing the same thing. Then he was cyberbullied by some guy in his class, they told him to get killed, girls played dirty tricks on him and spread rumors. He was going through a rough time. He felt sad, alone and excluded whereas he didn’t do anything wrong. They even have created a website where they were posting photoshopped pictures of him. It was too much for Joe, he couldn’t take it anymore. But he didn’t want to report it to his mother or a teacher so he recorded this video where he explains his whole story. One day his Mom found out . She went to her son’s school and told everything to the director of the school, the police came and the bullies ended up punished.

    Bullying can happen to everybody.

    And you? Have you ever been bullied? Have you already been witness of bullying?

    If yes ,I can give you a few advice:

    First you should report it to an adult, adults are here to help us!

    Then, you should look and feel strong, you don’t have to be ashamed if you’re bullied.

    It you’re being bullied or cyberbullied, tell it to someone, don’t keep it to yourself because it could end up worse.

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