BULLYING : Let’s fight it together !

    Hello! In class we have watched a video about bullying, particularly cyber bullying. The victim’s name is Joe. It took place at school and as he speaks English and wears a uniform, he is certainly British.

    Joe had friends at school and he liked a girl. It all started when he answered a question in class and his girlfriend put him aside because she was jealous. Then she and her friends started sending text messages where they called him names such as “looser”, “little kissass” , “teacher pet”. He was also cyber bullied on social networks, he received nasty messages and phone calls. Next a girl took a photo of him, this photo was photoshopped and posted on the net and they created a mean blog with it.

    Joe said he was fine but cried many times. He did nothing and didn’t talk about it. He tried not to take it seriously and laugh at it but it became too much. It was a nightmare and he became depressed, anxious and ashamed.

    So he decided to make this video to tell his story to his mother because he didn’t dare to talk to her.

    After seeing the video, his mother went to see the headmistress and they called the police. The police came, the bullies were punished and his life went back to normal. He found new friends and was happy again.

    And you? Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever been treated badly? Repeatedly?  Or have you ever seen somebody being bullied?  Maybe your friends?

    Bullying is a CRIME so if it happens you should get somebody to help, you should tell your parents or report it to an adult at school. You should look strong and feel strong!

    But you shouldn’t keep it to yourself or let the bullies see you’re afraid. What do you think we should do to stop bullying in schools? Share your ideas!!!


    You can watch this video about cyber-bullying:



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    Monday 27th May 2013 at 09:40

    Yes we've already seen people being bullied: ex, one of us saw someone cut someone else's clothes, someone being excluded, someone being pushed and shoved repeatedly, people called names, someone teased about her fears, about weight and gossiping!!!

    To stop bullying, we should promote the message in schools by watching videos, by doing activites, by working on it, by doing a survey or running a blog, making posters, videos....

    And you what would you do?

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