National and European Quality Labels

    National and European Quality Labels

    Our ETwinning project 'Cooking the four seasons' was awarded twice : first a national quality label and then a European quality label.

    We are very proud of our work.

    Many other countries who participated in that wonderful project were awarded too : Greece, Italy and Poland.

    Congratulations to all the pupils.

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  • Our E-Twinning project is coming to an end.

    Here are our final menus on an E-Book. What do you think about them? Do you think they are well-balanced? Do you like the recipes? Would you like to try cooking one of them? If yes, which one?


  • My pupils, from 4CF, are working on a eTwinning project (this is a European online project). It is called COOKING THE FOUR SEASONS.

    E-Twinning Project

    In the course of this project, all participants (Greek, Italian, Polish, English, French and Spanish) will come closer to the cuisine of their country writing down traditional recipes that are typical and best represent their country each season of the year. We will also have the chance to become acquainted with the cuisine and culture of other European countries. Finally, we will collaborate in order to create an unusual menu for each season that includes recipes from all the countries taking part in the project. The motto of our project is cooking our way to friendship!

    The aims are :

    -To promote and share traditional recipes of our country and get to know more about the food culture of other European countries.
    -To use English to present recipes and illustrate them with photos we ‘ll take while cooking them.
    -To develop communication skills and expand students’ICT knowledge.


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