This is a quiz so that you can know how green you are! Answer the following questions to discover your profile.



    1)   (Jules) It’s time to go to sleep, do you… 


    a)    turn off your computer ?


    b)   let it on standby ?


    c)    leave it on ?




    2)   (Héléna) Have you got solar panels on the roof of your house ?


    a)    yes, of course !


    b)   No, but when you have enough money, you will !


    c)    No, it’s useless.




    3)   (Sophie D) You have printed your work in too large quantity The unnecessary sheets are white on the back. What are you doing ?


    a)    you’ll use them as scrap paper.


    b)   You put them into a paper dustbin.


    c)    You put them into a ’standard’ bin.




    4)   (Vincent) You are walking with your brother in the street. He hast just thrown a sweet wrapper on the ground. What are you doing ? 


    a)    you tell him how wrong it was to throw garbage on the ground.


    b)   you say nothing.


    c)    You throw your sweet wrapper on the ground as well.




    5)  (Marion) How do you go downtown ?


    a)    On foot or by bike.


    b)   By bus or any public transport because you don’t like walking.


    c)    By car because it’s quicker.




    6)  (Thomas F) When you walk in the woods, you think… 


    a) it’s great. It’s a good opportunity to take photos and to admire nature.


    b) it’s boring but it feels good to breathe fresh air.


    c) it’s OK. You can try to build a fire.




    7)  (Arthur) What kind of car will you drive when you get your license ?


    a)    a hybrid car.


    b)   A medium-sized car for my family.


    c)    A big car, like a S.U.V.




    8)  (Agathe) : Do you practise car-pooling ?


    a)    always


    b)   sometimes


    c)    never




    9) (Robin F) To consume fresh fruit in December, you eat…


    a) chestnut and apples.


    b) nuts and strawberies.


    c) cherries and apricots.




    10)                  (Sophie P) What’s the symbol of WWF ?


    a)    a panda


    b)   a hedgehog


    c)    a cow




    11)                  (Nicolas) When was Greenpeace created ? 


    a)    1971


    b)   1978


    c)    2004




    12)                 (Victor) In politics, what’s the name of the English ‘green party’ ?


    a)    Green party of England and Wales.


    b)   The Greenish British.


    c)    The Greenest party ever.




    13)                  (Lisa) What do you think of nuclear power ? 


    a)    What a hazardous invention ! Have people heard about Chernobyl ? You want the governments to take good measures so as to close the nuclear reactors.


    b)   It’s dangerous but we need electricity. The nuclear power gives us electricity in huge quantity.


    c)    You don’t care about that. You just want to play video games, surf on the Internet and watch TV whenever you want.




    14)                  (Baptiste) When you vote, you will choose a candidate who…


    a)    only suggests environmental measures. 


    b)   suggests some green measures but you also think health and education are important.


    c)    You’re not really involved in politics so you can’t answer the question !



    If you have a majority of As (Thomas F)

    Congratulations ! You are an eco-warrior. 

    First you know it's important to benefit from the earth and you want to make the planet better although sometimes you might do a little bit too much.

     Finally you feel concerned about the fate of the earth and you want to make people conscious that it's a serious issue.

    IF you have a majority of Bs (Lisa)

    You are not an eco-freak but maybe an eco-friendly person. Indeed, you know what's good for the planet but sometimes you do some mistakes! It doesn't matter! You are a thoughtful person and you think before acting! Keep on that way!

    If you have a majority of Cs (Charlotte)

    Shame on you! You don't care about the planet, nature, animals... What a pity! In fact people like you endanger our future. Furthermore, you lose money because you don't pay attention to environment. So you have to change your mind and react before it's too late. The following things are easy to do : turn off the lights when you leave a room, the tap when you brush your teeth, recycle, reuse, walk to go to school...The fate of the earth is in your hands.


    Please, tell your own result and COMMENT on it!

    What about your family and friends? What are their results?

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  • Comments

    Paulettelovesenglish Paulettelovesenglish profile
    Monday 14th May 2012 at 08:50

    I have 8 As, 4 Bs and 2 Cs! So I am an eco-warrior! Environment is a serious issue.

    Saturday 19th May 2012 at 21:30

    I have 8 As and 6 Bs, I'm an eco-warrior too!


    thoma s
    Sunday 20th May 2012 at 09:25

    I've 6 As and 8 Bs, I'm an eco-friendly person. 

    Wednesday 30th May 2012 at 18:11

    I have 8 AS 4BS and 2CS


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