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    Irma is a Cameroonian singer. She was born on July 15th, 1988 in Douala.


      She is 23 years old. Her first album Letter to the Lord was released in February, 2011. The single of her first album is 'I know'.

    Her parents are IT specialists. She has four brothers and sisters; she has a twin sister whose name's Inès.

    At seven years old Irma began to learn how to play the piano, then at the age of fifteen she arrived in France so as to pursue her secondary education.

    In 2007, Irma was a student but it did not prevent her from posting her first videos on YouTube. Thanks to her songs, Irma was quickly known on the Internet.

    In August 2008, Irma was known by founders of the community label. Thanks to 416 founders, Irma collected 70,000 euros required by the production of her album in less than three days.

    In 2011 she went on tour around Europe. She got a record contract to release her album in the US with Universal Republic.

    In 2012 she did a European Google Chrome ad which chronicles her rise to fame after posting videos on YouTube.

    Mélanie and Florine, 3C


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    anglaischagall anglaischagall profile
    Wednesday 27th June 2012 at 20:56

    I share your tastes. This song is beautiful and Irma sounds like a very promising singer !

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