• Le Visiteur du Futur

     Le visiteur du futur is a cross media series that began on the net and then which was broadcast on NoLife TV. It had over 5 million views with an average of 150,000 views per episode. This is the 1st webseries on Dailymotion.

    But its success was never premeditated.

    In April 2009, Descraques François, a young writer and director of advertising for TV, decided to create a simple programme. This was a good opportunity for him to mix two genres: comedy and science fiction. His brother, Raphael Descraques, joined the cast and filming began on a Sunday afternoon in the Bois de Vincennes. The first three episodes were shot in a few hours.
    In addition to writing and execution, François Descraques combined the roles of cameraman, cinematographer, editor and graphic designer. With this economy of means, the episodes were posted the following week on Dailymotion.


    Le Visiteur du Futur

    Very quickly, many Internet users asked for more new episodes. So, Francois Descraques decided to explore the concept and added new characters.

    While the first three episodes are independent stories, episodes that follow are different : the characters are led into situations of increasingly sophisticated plots.

    Here's the first episode of season 1. It's a bit rude but this is silly and funny at the same time.

    Logan, 3E

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