• Songs about BUY NOTHING DAY (2)

        Buy Nothing Day is a day of protest against consumerism and advertising. In class, we studied 3 songs which talk about this topic : Ka-ching by Shania Twain, Buy Nothing Day's anthem and a song created by a choral of children.

    Songs about BUY NOTHING DAY (1)
        Those 3 songs denounce the overconsumption that we are victims of. They want us to buy less, be aware and save our money and the planet too. They want to make people think how they buy and about their consumption.

        Buy Nothing Day's anthem wants us to think about the way we consume. It says that we buy, use and waste too much. It wants us to think before buying because we shop too much. Its slogans are : “Spend a day without spending money”, “Enough is enough !”...

    Songs about BUY NOTHING DAY (1)
        The 2nd song is sung by a choral of children. You can hear it and have the lyrics on the following website : http://www3.sympatico.ca/dalia/buy0/buy_rap.htm .                                                  
    The song wants us to buy only useful things because we buy too many things we don't need.

    Songs about BUY NOTHING DAY (1)

        'Ka-Ching' is a song by Shania Twain released in 2003. She says that we live in a world which teaches us to buy useless things and to spend the money that we don't possess. She wants us to be aware of that.

    Songs about BUY NOTHING DAY (1)

    Raphaël and Victor

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    @Raphaël and Victor : which song do you prefer and why?

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