• Still not happy (2)

    Still not happy

         First, it's a cartoon drawn by Polyp. After that, this cartoon is available on his cartoon website : polyp.org.uk. This cartoonist has also written a book : 'Speechless', which is a book without words, only cartoons.
         Then, a  man is standing  on a  pile  of  stuff  he bought such as a car, a house, a mobile phone, a camera, a dryer, snickers, a bike, a razor, a hairdryer, golf clubs, microwaves, a DVD player, a TV set, a watch ...
    Next, we know what he thinks thanks to a thoughtful bubble where we can read : 'Shit. I'm still not happy'.

       Even if he owns all these things, the man doesn't seem happy, and he thinks so!  So  we can say  although he  has certainly  lots of money (because he bought a lot of expensive things), and  he obtains everything he wants, he is still sad. A famous proverb can be applied here : 'money  cannot  buy  happiness'. Moreover, the man is alone : maybe he wants to forget his loneliness by buying useless things, but it doesn't work !

       Finally, we think this cartoon is a really good one to illustrate over-consumption nowadays because this man represents people like you and me ; he's a bit like Mr Everybody because even if he buys many and expensive things, he's still not happy : that's not what he needs ! 

    Wafa and Justine

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    Paulettelovesenglish Paulettelovesenglish profile
    Sunday 26th February 2012 at 19:03

    @Wafa and Justine : According to you, is everything this man has bought useless?

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