• Vampire Diaries 

    I’ve chosen this series because the story is fascinating and original. The characters are well developed and their dialogues are realistic, whereas in Twilight they can sometimes seem far from reality and normal reactions. Scenes have not only action but also love; they can be sad or funny so I never get bored. The love triangle fascinates me because Damon and Stefan are two brothers with opposite behaviours and desires. Finally, I like the series for all those qualities and a single word can sum up that: “perfect”.

    I will introduce the main characters. Elena Gilbert is a young high school student of Mystic Falls, Virginia. She has lost her parents during a tragic road accident and, since their deaths; she’s sad and takes great comfort in her personal diary. However, with the start of the school year, she meets a new student, Stefan Salvatore. He has brown hair, he’s often alone and looks weird because of his strange capacities but he’s attractive and mysterious. Then his brother Damon arrives. The normal girl discovers their secret at the beginning and she will progressively discover life isn’t what it seems to be: Stefan and Damon are vampires.

    Roxane, 3F

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  • Le Juste Prix

    Le Juste Prix

    Lucas, 3E

  • The Simpsons

    Justine, 3C

    The Simpsons



    'Secret Story' is a reality TV show presented by Benjamin Castaldi. It has existed since June 23rd 2007. It is broadcast during the week and live shows on Friday nights. Candidates are cut off from the outside world from ten to fifteen weeks in a house called ''the House of secrets'', where every room is equiped with video cameras by the CSA (except the toilets of course!). They must keep a secret while trying to discover the other candidates' ones.


    We have followed 'Secret Story' since the beginning because we think this is a good TV programme.

    Barbara and Quentin, 3E



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