I chose this subject because I like the army, the uniform, the rigour. And because in the future I would like to be a fighter pilot. I think that the army is necessary for the citizens because it protects them and helps the other countries in some conflicts. But the war is not a good thing because it causes death - not only soldiers but also civilians.


    Various armies  


    First there is the French land army.


    The five big strategic roles of the land forces:


    Protect, in front of an aggression, the populations (in particular the national population), the territory, the vital interests of the country and provide, in the respect for the alliances, treaties and international agreements.


    Win, that is to say take decision, with so much strength, thanks to average guarantors of an operational superiority, then to maintain a favourable long-term balance of power.


    Stabilize the theatre of operations, maintain a favourable balance of power with capacities to be able to oppose to any peak of violence.


    Normalize the situation between the parts in conflict in particular by implementation of capacities of reconstruction and of help to the populations.


    Help the population and give assistance to them on or outside the national territory. This sector will remain one of the main actions of the land forces.




    Then the French Air Force.


      The five strategic roles of the air force:


    Knowledge and anticipation: The air force completely contributes this function. It participates in the business and supporting intelligence in the operations. Furthermore, it estimates at any time the threat pressing on the national air space thanks to a center of operations, situated in Lyon.


    Prevention: The Air Force actively participates in the struggle against the traffic of every type, against illegal immigration and against piracy. The Air Force is present on the whole globe.

    Intimidation: The credibility of the intimidation rests on two components (oceanic and airborne) complementary having assets and specific modes of penetration. The airborne component is implemented in the Air Force by the strategic air forces. This capacity, that France is the only one to hold in autonomous in Europe, occupies an important place in its tool of defence and for a relatively important budgetary cost.  The airborne component represents less than 10% of the cost of the nuclear deterrent.    


    Protection: The Air Force implements important means to protect the citizens against the threats coming from the sky and from the space. Besides this permanent mission the Air Force is requested during the natural or industrial disasters to help the populations in trouble or to support the device of public health. It participates in other missions of public service as the assistance during flight to planes in distress, the “Vigipirate” plan ( which is the anti-terrorist security plan) and the struggle against forest fires.


    Intervention: The aviation of the Air Force is ready to intervene on a wide range of operations, which extends of the humanitarian crisis in the fight against terrorism.




    Finally the French navy.

    The operational command:  

    As to advise for the use of the strengths of the navy, the leadership (‘état-major’) comes to rest the Center of planning and conduct of operations, for the operations implementing buildings and units of Navy. The headquarters also assure a role of information, coordination and of decision-making support with the General Secretary in the Sea for the shutter Action of the State at sea of the operations led by Navy through the  “coastguard” function.


    The organic command:

     The organic chain of command is articulated around four strengths corresponding to the main components of Navy. The organic captains are in charge of organizing the training of their strengths, of watching their level of preparation, the preservation of their availability and in the operational capacity of their units.


    Julie.D  3°F



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    Monday 4th November 2013 at 17:32

    @Julie D : what are the qualifications for being a fighter pilot?

    Monday 9th December 2013 at 16:05

    For become a fighter pilot you must join the "Air School".

    Monday 9th December 2013 at 16:08
    In what army do you enter and what base?
    Monday 9th December 2013 at 16:18

    Do you really want to work into the army later or is it just a supposition?

    Monday 9th December 2013 at 16:19
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