• The Winter Circus

     During the Christmas holiday I visited the Winter Circus (“Cirque d’Hiver”) in Paris and I assisted to the new show called “Eclat” presented by the Bouglione’s Family.

    The Winter Circus

    It is established at the heart of the 11th ‘arrondissement’ (district) of Paris at 110 Amelot street.

    First the works of the building began in April 1852 and Prince Louis Napoleon inaugurated it on December 11th 1852. He had even given his name to the place until 1873. It is the world’s oldest permanent circus.

    Then now it is the Bougliones who continue to make the circus live. The atmosphere is magical, dreamy and pleasant.

    Various issues are presented to viewers by Loyal Mister as acrobats, trapeze artists, jugglers, tigers, dogs and horses, as well as clowns and Orchestra Cirque d'Hiver.


    The Winter Circus


     In my opinion, I like the tigers roaring very well because they are very impressive and trapeze women artists are very gracious. I dislike the show of the magician.

    Even at the age of 15 years old, wicked clowns made ​​me laugh and my parents too.

    Finally if you love circus I recommend you to go with your children.

     Take your tickets, sit down on the red chairs, the artists are wearing their costumes, the show must go on !

    Louis 3E


    The Winter Circus



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    Thursday 21st February 2013 at 09:29

    Hi Louis, how much is a ticket?

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