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  • On November, 13th 2018 we went to a concert venue (at the ‘Cartonnerie’ in Reims) with Mrs Ranaivoson, our music teacher and Mrs Bertaso, our English teacher.


    The name of the concert was ‘Peace and Lobe’ which is a pun between the words ‘love’ and ‘(ear)lobe’ because it was about prevention of hearing problems. The goal was to raise teenagers’ awareness of auditory disorders.



    We were not the only class to attend the show. There were a lot of other classes from schools and highschools from Reims.  The show lasted one hour and a half.  A band of four boys, named ‘Ouïe-Fi’ (another pun with ‘Wi-Fi’), played on stage. There were a singer, a drummer, a guitarist / bass player and a pianist. And there were videos too.



    Here’s what we learnt :


    -the evolution of music and technologies.


    -musical tendencies from the 20s to nowadays : jazz, blues, country, rock&roll, pop music, reggae, rap and electronic music.


    -the definition of ‘sound’


    -the amplification and the propagation of sound in a concert venue.


    -the different elements in an ear and how the auditory canal works.


    -the auditory disorders are numerous : tinnitus, deafness,


    Here’s what we must do :


    -we must put ear plugs while going to concerts for example.


    -we must not listen to music too loud and too long with our headphones.


    -we must respect break times : 15 minutes every hour in a quiet place.


    -we must go far from speakers.


    -we mustn’t sleep with our headphones on.




    Here are our opinions about the show :


    « Since the show, I am more vigilant. The show was interesting because young people need to take care of their ears ! » Mathilde V.


    « I enjoyed this show. It was useful to me. » Sara.


    « It was not boring. It was funny » Géraud.


    « I learnt a lot of things » Marie


    « I am crazy about this kind of shows. It was a good moment with my friends » Eryn.


    « It was fun, they explained things very well » Gwénégan.


    « We went back to school late because we missed our bus ! But the show was worth it. » Louise.


    « I loved the atmosphere and it was about an important issue » Mathis.


    « I love music so I enjoyed the concert » Ailena.


    « I liked the song played at the end « J’ai plus mal aux oreilles » » Mathéo.


    « It’s important to talk about this topic. Young people are not enough vigilant » Tom.




    This article was written by the pupils from 4D class.


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