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    I’ve chosen this subject because Cheerleading's choreographies are complicated and incredible. Cheerleaders aren't afraid to put themselves in danger. Their acrobatic figures are impressive and I admire this show. 


    First, everyone imagine Cheerleading is a group composed of the girls like the ‘pom-pom girls’ we have in France, except for their choreographies are less dangerous and acrobatic. But, in fact when it started out Cheerleading was mainly composed of boys.  Unbelievable but true ! 

     Moreover, Cheerleading was born in 1898, during a football match, at the University of Minnesota in theUSA. A student took a megaphone and improvised a chant to support the football team. Then all students followed him and sang. It worked, the team won ! Other universities began to constitute cheerleader teams to sing and dance during football matches. 

     Finally, Cheerleading's organisation is easy, a team is composed of  ata high school or a university. Their goal is to suppport sporties and to make their establishment more prestigious. These cheerleader teams complete in tournaments like << Cheerleading World Championships >> or << National Cheerleading Association >> to increase their reputation. 


    Unfortunately, I don't practise this activity, I would like to but I don't think I would be able. 


    So, for your curiosity, this is a video on Columbus High School, during a tournament : 



    Fanny E


  •    My hobbies



    I choose this subject because I want you to know me better.


    I will make a presentation on my hobbies.


    During my freetime I love listening to music. My music style is rap and hip-hop. My favourite song is "talk dirty" and my favourite singer is Kid Cudi. I am fond of watching and doing sport. On television I have a lot of sports channels. I often watch football, handball, tennis and basketball matches. When I was younger I did football for three years, basketball for two months, athletism for two years, judo and badminton for one year. At the moment I play handball. It's my favourite sport. My favourite handball player is Domagoj Duvnjak. He is Croatian. I play handball three times a week. I’ve played it for 2 years. I train twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays and I’ve got one match on Saturdays or Sundays. I am in the regional team so in the top twenty best of the Champagne-Ardenne. My favourite sportsman is Roger Federer. Next year I would like to do break dance. I like playing video games but above all Fifa. I enjoy watching movies at cinema. "Malavita" is the last movie I have watched. I am keen on going out with my friends. My favourite food is kebab.