• PATTY, our new language teaching assistant.

    First, Patty is a straight and black-haired American girl and she’s going to be our English assistant this year, until June 2015. She is from California and lives in Los Angeles but she has got Mexican origins (and she’s proud of her origin. She speaks Spanish too). She was born on March 4th, 1992 so she is 22 years old. She looks friendly and outgoing. She is 5ft. 2in. tall ( that’s approximately 1m60 tall).


    Why is she here in France ? She studied sociology, anthropology and French at Santa Clara university and so she wants to improve her French. That’s why she has applied for this job as a language teaching assistant.

    Does she like France ? Of course, she does ! She loves everything about France : the culture, the art, the history, the architecture and the food (she likes eating a ‘baguette’ with nutella and she already eaten snails) ! Moreover, according to her, French people are very nice. However, she thinks it’s too cold here.  As it is always sunny in LA, Reims is like Alaska for her ! She has never seen snow in her entire life !


    Then, let’s talk about her family and friends. She has got a big family : her parents’ names are Patricia and Joel. Her dad, 53, works in the stage crew for Paramount Pictures and her mum, 42, is a housewife. She has got one brother whose name is Joel jr and who is 13 and three sisters : Clarissa is 12, Melissa is 15 and Elisabeth is 21.  She has got 2 dogs that she loves too : a chihuahua called Mamasita and a terrier called Chacha. Her best friends’ names are Chantal who is a professional dancer and has already danced with Rihanna and Eminem, Justin and Josselin. However, she hasn’t got a boyfriend.


    What did she do last holidays ? She was in LA, she celebrated Halloween and dressed up as a vampire.

    What will she do next holidays ? She’s sad not to be with her family but she will explore and meet new people in Reims.


    After that, we’re going to talk about her hobbies. She enjoys playing soccer and her favourite team is from Germany. She loves reading, dancing, singing ( in the shower !) and running but she hates being alone and she’s scared of heights.  She is fond of ‘soul caliber’ video game, ‘pretty in pink’ movie and ‘Modern family’ series. She is interested in rock music : her favourite band is Linkin Park but also listens to rap music.


    Has she ever visited other countries than the USA ?  Yes, she has. For example, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico in Central America and Ghana in Africa.


    Next, let’s introduce Patty with her Chinese portrait. If she were a colour, she would be blue. If she were a day, she would be Friday. If she were a season, she would be summer. If she were a car, she’d be a Mercedes car. If she were a school subject, she’d be Maths.  If she were a tree, she’d be a redwood tree. If she were an animal, she’d be a dolphin or a leopard. If she were a celebrity, she’d be Channing Tatum. If she were a food, she’d be Chinese or Mexican food. If she were French, she’d be Chimène Badi.


    Has she ever met a celebrity ? Yes, she has. Jo Jonas. She did a selfie with him !


    Finally, when she comes back to LA, she would like to become a doctor.


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