• Reims football team in league 1!

    First, Reims Stadium was created on June 18th, 1931.

    It competed for its first championship of division of honor during the season 1931/1932

    In 1935 it won the championship of division of Northeast honor.

    Sporting Club rémois and the Stadium of Reims merged in 1938. They decided to keep Sportinfg Club Rémois's colours. That's why the Stadium of Reims plays in red and white colours.

    They met Real of Madrid team three times in a row for the Champions league in 1956.

    It was a difficult period for the stadium of Reims in 1979 because the player Batteaux left, Kopa was suspended, the stadium of Reims ended at the 17th position and was thus relegated to league 2 and since 1963 they have been in league 2. 33 years of league 2!!!!

    In 1991 the Stadium Of Reims went down into Divison3. It was one of the most difficult periods for sportmen but also concerning the financial aspect.

    In 2002 it was the return of the Stadium Of Reims because they came back to League 2.

    In 2009 it went down again in National. The coach, Marc Colat, made the club go back up in League 2.

    Finally, Hubert Fournier, who was the coach assistant and who became the coach afterwards, made the club rise in League 1.

    Reims football team in league 1!

    Here's a picture of my tee-shirt. The football players have all signed it! I'm very proud and I like my T-Shirt very much.


    Reims football team in league 1!

    Valentin and Quentin, 3E


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